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Store Handlers helps businesses build a robust presence on Amazon, the world's largest eCommerce platform. Our Amazon experts have a deep understanding of the industry and manage day-to-day tasks for brands to ensure seamless operations.

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Amazon Shop Set Up & Management Services

The certified Amazon experts in our team have made many dreams of creating online stores come true by setting up Amazon stores from scratch.

FBA Setup

Although it is possible for sellers to deliver the products on their own, most of the sellers prefer the store to be fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). To get the most from the FBA feature offered by Amazon, you need to move a minimum of 40 items per month. Our Amazon store experts help brands identify the items to be moved by thoroughly studying the inventory. The benefits of Amazon FBA are immense, but without conducting analysis, it can lead to a loss. That is why it can be done best when left to professionals.

  • SEO-friendly
  • Loads Quickly
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Customizable Store
  • Improved Security
  • Highly Responsive

Amazon Analytics

Being a leading Amazon e-commerce store setup services provider, we have a skilled team of experts who are adept at using Amazon Analytics to gain new insights. Amazon Analytics is complex and needs time and effort to master. But with Store Handlers on your side, you can gain insights into ways to grow your business on Amazon. Our team knows how to find data that adds value to your business. With our Amazon Analytics services, you can optimize your finances, sales, marketing, and every business operation.

  • Open Source
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Custom Functionality
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Easy to Use

Marketplace Management

Our eCommerce store setup experts at Store Handlers can handle the entire lifecycle of the Amazon marketplace for you. The Amazon marketplace management services include product listing as per the Amazon guidelines, relevant keywords to optimize the listing, optimized URLs, resolving ASIN conflicts, inventory management, and much more. Our store setup professionals garner the desired results at a fast turnaround time by working closely with your company's in-house team.

  • Highly Responsive
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Easy to Manage
  • Improved Analytics
  • Technical Support
  • Customizable Features

Seller Central Account

We help brands reach out to a global market and capture the target audience. As a leading Amazon online store setup service provider, we are committed to making strategies that enhance the sales of your brand. We offer comprehensive Amazon services for sellers, including creating custom seller central accounts and taking care of all the other functionalities such as brand registry, protection, management of case logs, sponsored ads, category optimization, feedback management, order management, etc.

  • Content-driven
  • Flexibility
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Extensible
  • Increased Traffic

Product Listings

Along with our Amazon store building and management services, we also offer product listing services to create optimized listings and manage and update them. We create the listing by collaborating with the brand to ensure that the listings are unique and meet the brand's requirements. The listings we create for the brand's products are optimized with the relevant keywords in the product description, titles, and bullet points. Furthermore, the listings we create are per the Amazon guidelines.

  • Product Management
  • Distinct Features
  • Flexible Customization
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Improved Functionality
  • Trendy Designs & Themes

Vendor Central Management

Store Handlers helps central vendor merchants make the most of the online eCommerce platform by creating A+ content. Our team's Amazon store managing experts also have the skills to manage your inventory and keep up with the bulk orders. Our professionals are adept at using cutting-edge marketing tools like Amazon Sponsored Ads and Subscribe & Save to augment your sales. Since Amazon PPC adverts are an integral part of the vendor central management services, our team tailors PPC campaigns that help brands meet the sales target.

  • Mobile-Friendly Store
  • Easy to Setup
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Payment Options
  • Highly Customizable
  • Great for SEO & Marketing


Our USA-based Amazon eCommerce store agency has helped in establishing countless brands; here are a few:

Store Handlers helped Zalando build their fashion store on Amazon. The storefront was customized as per the client's liking, and the store helped them boost online sales.

After listening to the unique requirements of Zalando Store Handlers built an Amazon store for them with optimized listings to help their business generate more sales and revenue.


Engage with your customers and witness an increase in conversion rates with our Amazon store solutions.

Your Business

Hasten your brand's growth with top-notch Amazon store solutions and observe an increase in your online sales.

With Customers

We provide your customers with an immersive eCommerce experience and help you connect with the customers.


Our team of experienced Amazon store designers is highly skilled and works around fast turnaround times.

Store Builders

Store Handlers has handpicked a highly experienced team of professional online store builders.

Improved Insights

Witness an improvement in insights. We promise excellent traffic growth and a high number of sales.


Most affordable Amazon eCommerce store solutions to help you build the brand store of your dreams.

Listings Created
Images Designed
Accounts Managed
Campaigns Managed


We have more technology involved in our Amazon store development than you can imagine of. Following are the tech features that our Amazon store consultants & specialists implement over your Amazon store.

Order Management

An Order Management System (OMS) is a basic technique that allows the management and knowledge about the route of the order. From tracking all the information to allowing inventory management, entering the orders to customer service after the sales, an OMS does it all.

  • It helps in overseeing the inventory & ensures customer satisfaction

  • It allows you to track the progress of each order

  • It improves the efficiency and the security of orders

Product Image Optimization

Having optimized product images on Amazon have a huge impact on the store's performance in terms of sales and revenues. Our Amazon experts optimize images by adjusting the shape, size, mode, and all other aspects that affect the ranking of the product and the number of sales.

  • Create an excellent first impression on the viewers.

  • Ensure a higher ranking of your product and attract more traffic.

  • Stand out from millions of similar products through high-quality images.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and have a complete hold over the Amazon stores, warehouses, and sales channels. The Inventory Management System lets you know what is in stock and the quantity of the remaining product.

  • Sync inventory anytime and everywhere.

  • Predict demand and manage purchasing to ensure the availability of the stock.

  • Full control over the stock available on the Amazon store and other efficient automation.

Payment Method Integration

With an integrated payment method, you can keep a check on all the payments and transactions. At Store Handlers, our online store builders make use of Payment Method Integration to reduce the chances of human errors and improve the efficiency of the payments.

  • Integrated Payment Method helps you manage all the transactions and reduces chances of errors

  • It helps in preventing any risks and frauds involved with the payments.

  • It will help in getting the payments on time without facing any payment issues later.

Shop Speed & Performance

We understand the importance of a quick loading store. To ensure that customers buy from you, we create stores that load quickly without waiting for potential customers. Let us build a store for you that impresses the audience with its exceptional performance.

  • Have a competitive edge with increased store speed and improved performance.

  • The quicker your store loads, the less the chances of visitors leaving your store.

  • Gain the trust of the audience through excellent speed and performance.

Product Research & Competitive Analysis

We curate a well-planned strategy at Store Handlers after examining your products and carrying out an extensive competition analysis before launching your products in the online market. Once done with product research & competitive analysis, we then display your products to start your online product store.

  • Learn from the mistakes of the competitors and improve your performance.

  • Our research helps your business gain more traffic and sales.

  • We help you find new openings that you might have missed.

Amazon Keyword Research

Store Handlers helps stores improve their sales by offering deep Amazon keyword research services. Using the right keywords, we help businesses gain more audience by targeting them with the relevant keywords that they might use while searching for the products your store has.

  • Boost your brand’s conversion rates through our Amazon keyword research services.

  • Target the audience and engage with them using the right keywords.

  • Get better results from your ad campaigns using keywords that help in conversions.

Promotion & Personalization Tools

Store Handlers offers the use of top-notch promotion & personalization tools in your brand store. Keep your store updated and modernized with out-of-the-box promotion solutions. Gain more loyal customers and encourage them to buy from you.

  • Generate more sales through our promotion and personalization services.

  • Build a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers.

  • Witness a spike in your sales and profits by the use of promotion and personalization tools.

Customer Relationship Management

Store Handlers believes in maintaining a good relationship between the buyers and the sellers. We offer top-notch Customer Relationship Management services to help sellers build a solid relationship with the customers.

  • Allows the customers to get in touch with the sellers instantly.

  • Improves the overall outcome and increases the conversions.

  • It makes it easier for customers to communicate with the retailers.

Embedded Chat Window

Engage with your audience by enabling a live chat window over your Amazon store. We place your live chat option carefully without blocking the customers from viewing your store. Live chat options allow sellers to know their customers better.

  • Allows the customers to get in touch with the sellers instantly.

  • Improves the overall outcome and increases the conversions.

  • It makes it easier for customers to communicate with the retailers.

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